San Antonio Street Art Initiative

The San Antonio Street Art Initiative’s goal is to establish a city where street art is abundant and accessible for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Composed of leaders of the the city’s vibrant street arts scene, SASAI’s mission is to introduce and educate the local community about street and mural art and make our city a destination for street art lovers. The initiative focuses on assisting local artists to participate in highly visible community projects that showcase their artwork on a larger scale. SASAI will create educational programs on street art and the San Antonio scene. The initiative will link our community to the global street art scene pulling in the best artists and freshest perspectives here and bringing our artists and the San Antonio vision to the world .

San Antonio believes in community. We seek to build and strengthen a street art community here that extends across all areas, activities and people. Street art makes neighborhoods vibrant. Street art extends the arts community outside the walls of museums, brings people to see new places to live and play, provides fresh perspectives for the young and old.

We are focusing initially on developing a visit friendly area in the city featuring a concentrated number of murals that will draw daily foot traffic, cyclists and visitors looking for an alternative beyond traditional tourist routes and attractions. The first project has been launched under the highway at Midtown Station along North Saint Mary’s Street. The fist event 2@M – Murals and Music at Midtown – will occur the evening of November 3rd. Once this area is established, the initiative will host multiple projects and events that will serve as artistic and culturally significant celebrations of this area and genre of art.

Find us on Facebook (SanAntonioStreetArt), Instagram (SanAntonioStreetArt), Twitter (SanAntonioSAI) and at info@SanAntonioStreetArt.org. Reach out and tells us how you want to participate and support. See you on the streets!

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