Our BRICK by BRICK Program is SASAI’s signature job placement and career development program. This program scouts excelled talents and strives to build relationships with artists and grow with them across multiple years of their career. These artists are seasoned and reliable professionals that are paired with one-off projects in the city of San Antonio, Texas to create job placement opportunities, beautify walls and receive free education in business and entrepreneurship through elite SASAI mentors in the field.  As with all SASAI programming, the organization acts on behalf of the artist, pairs them with fair-pay jobs and executes street art murals funded by donors and sponsors. Every step of the way, SASAI customizes the experience for artists to help accelerate their business to the next level of success, “brick by brick”. Business mentorship includes: bio updating, CVs, headshots, accounting, marketing, websites, law, contracts, licenses, copyrights, digital skills and more and this is offered 100% free of charge to the artist. This program takes pride in combining beatification efforts with the empowerment of business education so that even after the street art projects are complete, artists can take lessons learned from the experience and use them ongoing to prosper as full-time artists.


Top tier mentorship is offered free of charge. Artists gain insight into their business, continued experience in managing street art projects, and ultimately, continue growing as a business savvy artist for future career growth.

As a business participating in or sponsoring our Brick by Brick Program, a donated wall will be the recipient of a beautiful street art mural. A chyron credit is placed on a modest location of the wall that features the sponsoring business as the donor to our programming.

The Brick by Brick Program contributes to community beautification, ultimately contributing positive impact to neighborhoods, decreasing anti-social behavior and building pride in both the community and artists within the city.

Want a quick fact sheet? Download it here.


Donation and sponsorship levels are calculated on a per wall basis, per square foot and unique factors involved with location, supplies needed, and tier of artist. To start the process to become a donor or sponsor fill out the Brick by Brick Program form.