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The year was 2020. As we set out to launch Phase III of LARGEST OUTDOOR GALLERY IN TEXAS™, things took an unexpected turn around the world and everything stopped. We thought for sure we’d have to skip a whole year of LOGIT.

Luckily, the incredible people at HOPSCOTCH gifted us with an entire gallery space and we safely moved LOGIT indoors. Entitled “Walls Within”, this space has become not only our first art gallery space in San Antonio, but also a place of resilience, friends, celebrations and even recreation.

Welcome to the LOGIT phase III

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This phase is located on the St. Mary's Entertainment Strip!

Use the full list below to find all the pillars and information about the incredible artists who created this San Antonio landmark.  Numbers next to the works reflect the chronological order in which walls were created. Information about the incredible artists who created these walls is included, as well as project hashtags. Please copy and paste them on all your social media posts to support everyone involved in the creation of these public works of art.


Matt Tumlinson

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Although his career as a full time artist began in 2014, art has been a common thread and constant presence throughout his life. His work has been showcased in fine art galleries throughout the country and with collectors from around the world. Matt Tumlinson is currently represented by The La Jolla Gallery- La Jolla, California, The Copper Shade Tree Gallery- Round Top, Texas, and Texas Treasures Fine Art- Boerne, Texas.

“Hey Baby Que Paso” by @matt_tumlinson ⁣


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Constantly pushing the limits of stencil art through the planning and creation of large to larger-than-life murals. The stencil made are capable of handling multiple layers bringing out more detail for a realistic look. Using a mix of different stencil techniques combined with patterns and aesthetic colors creates an altogether, unique signature style that SCOTCH has become well known for.

“Horse Play” by @scotch_scotch_scotch

Los OTros

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Comprised of Shek Vega and Nik Soup, these San Antonio headquartered artists offer over twenty years experience painting together and over thirty years experience combined. Their perfected style and striking aesthetic has people from all over the world seeking their unique fingerprint.

Prior to forming Los Otros Murals, the two artists perfected their signature skillsets individually, then juxtaposed them together to create the easily recognized Los Otros style that fans love and adore today.

With Nik Soup’s unparalleled talent for black and white photo realism and Shek’s highly acclaimed design work, clean lines and brilliant use of color, Los Otros murals have found homes with elite collectors, gallerists, museums, independent businesses, large corporations, celebrities, politicians and high profile individuals from all over the world.

To date, Los Otros Murals has aided in the creation of over  eighty pieces of official public art and has raised over 40K for non-profits, charities and art organizations. 

“Conscious” by @losotrosmurals ⁣

james supa

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As a child, he drew constantly and it gave him the freedom to be creative and use his imagination. During high school he discovered graffiti writing and fell in love with the art form that offered opportunities to experiment with lettering, colors, backgrounds, and variety of characters. It was exciting for Medrano to be surrounded by other graffiti writers who were driven by similar passions. As an adult, the artist outgrew graffiti writing and began working with acrylics developing his signature contemporary pop art style.

“Malo” by @james_supa ⁣

Eva Marengo Sanchez

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Eva Marengo Sanchez

In 2006 she joined the teen program Bee Nation atSouthwest School of Art where she first fell in love with classic oil painting.She earnedherBA inHuman Development and Social Relations from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana in 2013,but never lost her love of painting. In 2017 Sanchez showed a series of paintings dealing with theidea of still life and food as a way of talking about cultural identity, and since then hascontinued to develop her technicsand explore the celebration of cultural identity. She has nowexhibited her workingalleries throughout San Antonio including S.M.A.R.T Gallery, ChoiceGoods, Fl!ght Gallery, Presa House Gallery, as well as Casa De La Cultural in Del Rio, TX andGallery Orange in New Orleans and has recently completed murals at the San AntonioInternational Airport, on North St. Mary’s in San Antonio (2332 N St. Mary’s) and Blue Star ArtsComplex.

“I’m So Busy” by @evammsanchez ⁣

Ana Laura Hernández

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She exhibits her work regionally and internationally. Ana has worked numerous public art projects in San Antonio and Tamaulipas, Mexico. Fractured images of femininity, pop culture and regional icons populate Ana Laura Hernández’s paintings. Born and raised on the South Texas border, Hernández draws from her experience as a first generation American and mother in a contemporary culture. 

“Aqui Casual” by @ana.hernanx ⁣