PHASE I · 2018


Located on the corner of Quincy and St. Marys, under the highway.



Use the full list below to find all the pillars and information about the incredible artists who created this San Antonio landmark. Artist handles and hashtags will be made available on each mural listing. Please support them on your social media posts. 

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As an undergraduate in Denton, TX he had the opportunity to be mentored under internationally recognized artist Rob Erdle. He has studied in New York, Switzerland and Oaxaca where he continued to refine his education in Contemporary Art. Upon graduation from UNT, he worked as a designer/illustrator in an advertising agency in Dallas. Realizing his calling was home in San Antonio, Benavides moved back in 1990 and worked as a scenic artist, freelanced design, opened Benavides Picture Framing and BZ Designs, Currently Benavides Studios Inc.. His passion for arts education inspired him to also establish a youth arts education non-profit in 2008 called S.M.A.R.T. (Supporting Multiple Arts Resources Together) (

His interests are balanced through a continued passion for the arts. As an active contemporary artist, he utilizes his sincere exploration of mediums with experiential concern and how he can engage his viewer.Benavides has three dogs, and one fish. His inspiration comes from his wife Yvette and son Agusto. He makes San Antonio his permanent home.

Justin Parr & Flight Friends

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This pillar was made possible by the hands of himself and some fun friends of Flight.

Paul Garson

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Having found a voice through sobriety, Paul Garson stumbled upon his talent from a sudden introduction to a life without substance abuse and alcohol. With only eight years under his belt as a painter, Paul has always been adept at all things creative. To occupy his time post drinking, he found himself painting as a way to express himself. Having started with a standard paint kit bought at a local chain, Garson’s work has evolved from consumer canvas to the gritty world of public street art. By way of aerosol cans and airbrush skills, you can see his work peppered all throughout San Antonio and live as he is a staple in the local live painting scene.

Joe De La Cruz

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He was the owner of Silkworm Gallery and currently does commissions and mural work in San Antonio, Texas.

Angela Fox

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Mighty serpent women swing their maces while riding beasts that lead them into the unknown.  They traverse strange inner landscapes, wading through thorns and brush, scorpions and fire, to emerge transformed by trials and adventure.  Color, pattern, and symbolism express the complexity and beauty/ugliness of the hidden realms of the unconscious.  These warriors wield knives, laser vision, and magic hand gestures to protect and liberate oneself from the obstacles of pain, betrayal, and cruelty.  These characters operate as a spiritual double—infinite, indestructible, inside and all around—she is a guide that prepares one to be reborn fearlessly.

Mike Comp

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His ability to capture the most sentimental of human expression in his subjects has gained him many clients who commission him to paint portraits and other artworks deeply rooted in photorealistic techniques. In his teens and early 20s, he struggled with alcohol and chemical dependency and was in and out of rehabs and treatment centers. Upon being diagnosed with bipolar depression however, Comp was able to understand his condition in enlightened ways and this sparked the positive change in his newfound life. As part of his personal mission, he now strives to serve as an example for those who may also struggle with chemical dependency and mental disorders as he maintains a very active career as a painter and muralist. From inside businesses and office walls to building exteriors and outdoor structures, Mike’s commissioned canvas work and murals can be spotted all over the United States, fueling not only his career, but also driving him to lead with passion, strength and creativity for himself and others well into the future.

Kelly Edwards

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On occasion, you can see this artist taking his skills to a wall here or there while currently owning and running Eternal Courage Tattoo with pride.

robert TATUM

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He began drawing by the age of 5 and eventually started illustrating and graphic design throughout high school. He had a short stint at Pasadena Art Center College of Design and went on to work at multiple ad agencies in Los Angeles, including Doyle Dane Bernbach, Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, HRLA (Disney), as well as graphic design firms. In 1985, Tatum pursued his own skate/street line while representing famous graffiti artists Risk, Realm and Mear One. After selling his company in 1990, Tatum moved to Grand Cayman and produced art for the Caribbean Tourist Council and sold work in Jamaica on a regular basis for a year before moving back to the states. Tatum moved to San Antonio Texas in the beginning of 1992 and as soon as he got there, proceeded to paint the town, literally, with murals. Some were considered very controversial and put him in the city map so to speak, and the rest was history. He has been a respected elder of the San Antonio art scene ever since.

Suzy González

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 “Through Xicanx veganism, I find interest in the decolonization of diet, or a desire to reclaim the pre-colonial plant-based nourishment of my ancestors through food and herbalism. I analyze what it means to decolonize art and to embrace the lessons that the earth has to teach us. Materials relate to parts of my identity, and I recognize when they mix or resist one another. The corn husks represent the skin of the figures, recalling Mesoamerican beliefs that our very beings are created from maíz. This material use works to dismantle folk and fine art hierarchies. I call these “mestiza media” works, reclaiming the “mestizo” colonial caste label. I define mestiza media as when materials originate from the region(s) of the artist’s ancestors. Accepting mixedness is also about embracing queerness and the fluid nature of identities that reject constructed binaries. My public artwork has included themes of celebrating contemporary artists and activists, histories of the land, native plants and animals, and concepts of love and solidarity. My work serves to work through my own intersections and to strive for intercultural conversations with folks outside of my identities. This, I hope, will open doors to compassion and healing in this world of destruction.”

James Supa Medrano

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As a child, he drew constantly and it gave him the freedom to be creative and use his imagination. During high school he discovered graffiti writing and fell in love with the art form that offered opportunities to experiment with lettering, colors, backgrounds, and variety of characters. It was exciting for Medrano to be surrounded by other graffiti writers who were driven by similar passions. As an adult, the artist outgrew graffiti writing and began working with acrylics developing his signature contemporary pop art style.

Ana Laura Hernández

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She exhibits her work regionally and internationally. Ana has worked numerous public art projects in San Antonio and Tamaulipas, Mexico. Fractured images of femininity, pop culture and regional icons populate Ana Laura Hernández’s paintings. Born and raised on the South Texas border, Hernández draws from her experience as a first generation American and mother in a contemporary culture. 


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He has been a mural coordinator at San Anto Cultural Arts and an art instructor at several schools and institutions around San Antonio, including The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, and The Bexar County Detention Center. Considered one of San Antonio’s staple elders of the art scene, Rubio’s work focuses on narrative drawings and paintings with mixed media, based on images deeply rooted in his chicano culture.

Los Otros

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Comprised of Shek Vega and Nik Soup, these San Antonio headquartered artists offer over twenty years experience painting together and over thirty years experience combined. Their perfected style and striking aesthetic has people from all over the world seeking their unique fingerprint.

Prior to forming Los Otros Murals, the two artists perfected their signature skillsets individually, then juxtaposed them together to create the easily recognized Los Otros style that fans love and adore today.

With Nik Soup’s unparalleled talent for black and white photo realism and Shek’s highly acclaimed design work, clean lines and brilliant use of color, Los Otros murals have found homes with elite collectors, gallerists, museums, independent businesses, large corporations, celebrities, politicians and high profile individuals from all over the world.

To date, Los Otros Murals has aided in the creation of over  eighty pieces of official public art and has raised over 40K for non-profits, charities and art organizations. 

cruz ortiz

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Currently, Ortiz has been exclusively working on painting as a romantic art historical form of representation. It is through the use of this archaic form that he is taking risks of institutionalizing subject matter. In a time where everything is now digital and virtual, Ortiz is mixing oil paintings and painting from direct observation, while detecting the importance of painting for the future. He is also very interested in how painting pushes the critical contextualization of social political issues, especially in the Texas Mexico Borderlands, or La Frontera, as a method in the decolonization process. His artistic projects aim to center the periphery to capture moments in borderlands history the settler state has tried, over and over, to erase from collective memory. With a great sense of urgency to record, preserve, and disseminate, he paints. 

Ortiz has committed himself to creatively collaborating with cultural arts organizations and social justice organizations for most of his career. He was also a public high school instructor for 15 years, working with diverse urban students.